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Veterans Senior Care

There is a little known program for veterans that cover our in home senior care services offered by the Veterans Association (VA). It is offered not only to Veterans but to their spouses as well. Optimum Senior Care provides quality caregivers who meet the standards that our nation’s heroes deserve.


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Veterans Extended Care Program

The veterans association offers a program called Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. This program provides reimbursement for our in home senior care services.

Are you eligible for the Veterans Extended Care Program?

Veterans that are over 65 years old and who served a minimum of 90 days of active duty, including one day of active duty during a time of war may be eligible for the Veterans Extended Care Program.

How much does the program cover?

Veterans can receive up to $2,676 in aid for Caregivers and other in home senior care services.


What you will need

  • Original discharge certificate
  • Marriage certificate (divorce papers from any prior marriages, if applicable)
  • Death certificate of veteran (if applicable)
  • Social Security numbers for the veteran and spouse


For more information please contact Optimum Senior Care or the Veterans Association (VA).

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Optimum Senior Care offers a level of care and customer service unmatched by competitors. Our Caregivers are highly trained and our office staff will assist you with your home care needs.

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