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In Home Care - What Should You Know About Home Care Agencies? - Home care providers differ in many ways: types of services provided, fees for services, policies and procedures, and administrative structure. They are large and small, non-profit and for-profit, Medicare-certified and non-Medicare certified. 07/20/2011

In Home Care - Safety - The consumer's guide to home safety for seniors - A Great PDF resource of "Home Safety for Seniors Guide" 07/20/2011

In Home Care - Independent Contractors Versus Employees - In Home Care - Independent Contractors Versus Employees 03/08/2012

Home Care You Can Trust - In Home Care - National Private Duty Association - Illinois Chapter - Home Care You Can Trust It's no surprise that most people want stay in their own homes as they age. But some may need help and support to stay there. How do you choose a home care agency for your elder care, home health care, or private duty nursing needs? How can you be sure you've made the right choice among all of the home care options? You start with the Illinois Chapter of the National Private Duty Association (IL-NPDA). 03/08/2012

Types of Home Care Agencies - Types of Home Care Agencies - Home Health Agency -Home Care Agency or Non- Medical Home Care Agency -Registry or Staffing Agency - Private Hire or Independent Providers 03/28/2012

Home Care Safety Checklist - Home Care Safety Checklist - General Safety precautions - Entrance - Living Area -Kitchen -Bedroom - Bathroom -Stairways 03/28/2012

Types of Caregivers - Types of Caregivers - Non-Certified Aides / Home Helper / Personal Care Aides / Homemakers / Companions / Choreworkers - Certified Nurse's Aides (CNA) / Home Health Aides (HHA) - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) / Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) - Registered Nurses (RN) - Physical Therapists (PT) / Occupational Therapists (OT) / Speech Therapists (ST) -Social Workers (SW) / Medical Social Workers (MSW) 03/28/2012

Family Caregiver Support State Contacts - Illinois - Family Caregiver Support State Contacts - Illinois 03/29/2012

Convincing Mom or Dad to Get In-Home Help - Convincing Mom or Dad to Get In-Home Help When asked about their preferences for living arrangements, it should come as no surprise that many of our parents would like to remain in their own homes and actually the majority of them do so. If this is the case with your parents or aging loved ones, then you may be faced with how to go about making this a viable option. Bringing in outside help is frequently NOT a choice that many older folks are agreeable to, in spite of the obvious need. They often express that help is not needed and are very capable of managing on their own. Understanding that their perception of any outside assistance is often seen as a threat to their independence or an invasion of their privacy is foremost. My experiences helping families with coming to grips with these issues and problem solving have left me with some ideas and suggestions that you may find worth a try. 03/29/2012

Paying for Home Care - Paying for Home Care Skilled Care and Supportive or Custodial are the two main types of home care services. Skilled care as a rule is provided by certified Home Health Agencies and focuses more on medical aspects of care. Medicare, Medicaid and private insurances usually reimburse for skilled care. Custodial or supportive care ranging from personal care to companionship needs is provided by Home Care Agencies and is not deemed medically necessary. Unskilled or custodial supportive care is not reimbursed by Medicare and private insurances but instead usually paid with private funds. Read more. 03/29/2012

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